Young Constructors Forum (YCF)

Who Are YCF Members?
YCF members are the leaders of their generation and committed to personal and professional development through community service, industry networking, and education. YCF Membership is open to AGC member company employees from all membership categories: general contractors, specialty contractors, service providers, architects and engineers.  Young Constructors are defined as early to mid-level professionals who have worked in the construction industry less than 10 years.

What Ways Are There To Be Involved?

Steering Committee
YCF is led by a Steering Committee working in tandem with the AGC staff to develop programs and events for the group.  They also serve as YCF spokespersons with member companies, the industry and community.

Company Champions
Every member company is encouraged to appoint a YCF Champion.  Champions serve as the liaison between YCF, your company management and company YCF members, making sure that the company and employees are receiving all the YCF communications and benefits of membership.

The Steering Committee members Chair different committees as required to manage the current calendar of events and programs.  These committees are staffed by the YCF membership.  They include: Community Outreach, Education & Training, YCF Development, and the Mentoring & Student Activities Committee. 

Attendance and Participation
Besides serving in leadership positions, involvement includes participation in the various events, programs and opportunities for service. There are four types of YCF events/meetings:

  • YCF-specific membership meetings, networking and education events which are free or very low cost to registered YCF members. (Non-members may attend for an additional fee.)
  • YCF community service events.
  •  AGC events & classes which have been authorized as having a special YCF price with a registration code published on promotional materials and/or given to company Champions.
  • AGC events & classes which have been designated as free for registered YCF members.

2016 Steering Committee

Chair: Paul Grossman - Barton Malow
Eric Nash - Norair Engineering Corp.
Will Cox - DAVIS Construction
Phil Snyder - LitCon Group
Frank Suthard - Hensel Phelps Construction
Jessy Vasquez - Holland & Knight

2016 Committees

Membership Education & Training Committee

Chair: Eric Nash – Norair Engineering Corp.
Matt Gallagher – National Gypsum Company
Brett Miller – DAVIS Construction
Stephen Kellehr – Smith Currie & Hancock LLP

Community Outreach

Chair: Jessy Vasquez – Holland & Knight
Rebecca Rosenberger – Hensel Phelps Construction
Emily Duesterhaus – Clark Construction
Beth Hussein – Grunley Construction

 Development Committee

Chair: Frank Suthard – Hensel Phelps Construction
Jenny Stoll – Hensel Phelps Construction
Jessy Vasquez – Holland & Knight
Sean McNamera - Performance Contracting

 Industry Liason

Chair: Will Cox – DAVIS Construction
Co-Chair: Marwah Bahanan – Grunley Construction
Matt Gallagher – National Gypsum Company
Allison Townes – DAVIS Construction
Sean McNamara – Performance Contracting

 Mentoring & Student Activities

Chair: Phil Snyder - LitCon Group
Dylan Hutchinson – DAVIS Construction
Clay McKenna – Kiewit Construction
Christian Benz – Turner Construction
Beth Hussein – Grunley Construction

2016 Canstruction Competition
YCF Entry; SmartTrippin!

Want More Information?

Connected Community
AGC hosts an online community for its membership.  The Connect Community has a community dedicated to YCF where you can find out about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Contact Us
You can also contact your company’s YCF Champion.  If you don’t know who your Champion is, please contact Meredith Wells, or 703-673-9342.

YCF Partners with AGC Charities